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Often our little cars yell out to us and we can hear them say "FREE ME!".  Let me out into the world!

When these times occur we always oblige and free our cars from their blisters and their protective packaging.

Larry Kupp demonstrates his method of freeing his cars.  It can be quite enjoyable!

First you should relax with your favorite
 beverage (or two or three), and gather
 the cars around you that are begging
 to be freed.  
Some prefer to open the cars of lesser
value first, others open cars of the most
value first.  Actually it doesn't make any
difference as long as they are FREED!
There is nothing like the feel of a freshly
freed Hot Wheel from it's protective
blister.  This is especially true if the car
is a limited run or rare variation.  In this
case Larry is holding a freed red stripe
Redline Club Camaro.  Sweet!
The second one is much easier to free
and the adrenalin (along with the beverage)
rush is actually helping to guide the knife
around the blister at an ever increased 
pace now.  Almost free you sweet blue
striped Redline Club Camaro! 
Oh yes! You can almost feel it yourself
at this point.  Nothing between the car
and your touch but AIR! (Is Larry 
excited or what!)
A freed pair of Redline Club Camaros.

Oh what a feeling!

Yes, you have to touch it once it's freed
from the box!
Much better now.  Both car and owner
are happy.
Larry is on a roll now! Oh yes, I'm a funny car and I do have
moving parts that can only be seen
when removed from the box!
Freeing Hot Wheels can be very hard work.  
We suggest that you have a cold beverage when you are done.

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